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Welcome to Danse Très Xtrême Studio

We offer private and group Kizomba classes for all levels. Private lessons are the quickest most efficient way to learn as we go at your pace. Our lessons focus on the basics and get students ready for social dancing.

Your donation helps us in our efforts to create more learning and entertainment opportunities for this wonderful dance community

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Kizomba Dance

Kizomba refers to a musical genre and the dance that accompanies it, being part of...

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We are so excited to share with you all our collaboration with Télé BandaTV for our new podcast in Portland, ME, where we will share stories, have discussions, and promote your business!

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643-1 Forest Ave.
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Interviews will be conducted in English, French, Lingala, Spanish, and Portuguese

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Matt Hunter


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Kevin Cheasor


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Kizomba refers to a musical genre and the dance that accompanies it, being part of Angola's culture. This genre first spread to Portuguese-speaking countries, then to non-European countries such as the United States and Australia.


Tarraxinha is the sensual dance percussive cousin of Kizomba. The music often has little melody and a much heavier-hitting beat than Kizomba.